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AddictNoMore; our mission statement & ongoing community engagements

AddictNoMore; our core tenements;


  • Unconditional love & forgiveness.
  • To raise awareness of ‘addiction’ and ‘drug’ realities
  • To work towards the creation of a functional, fair, and safe place for recoveries – geared and available to all, including those with no family, institutional, or societal support.
  • Street-level engagement and intervention (for purposes of support).
  • A steadfast commitment to liberation and empowerment

AddictNoMore continues its engagement in communities;


  • On going activities and programs in our local youth shelters.
  • On going street level support to those who may be ‘working the streets’.
  • On going social media blogging and tweeting (@Addict_No_More), disseminating informed opinions and arguments around ‘addiction’ and ‘drugs’, true ‘drug’ experiences and testimonies, including ideas for the deconstruction of deviance, and ideas from liberation psychology.
  • On going online support and chatrooms for the purpose of those in ‘addiction’ to network and offer each other support.


If you wish to help in our mission, or if you are looking for help, contact robert@addictnomore.ca or tweet to us, or post in our chatroom forum.