About noon on Feb 19.2014.

We were out today in the City of Hamilton showing love to addicts in recovery and also those on the streets. First stop was at Womenkind in West Hamilton where we dropped off $100.00 off in gift cards for our sisters in recovery to treat themselves with…then off to Barton St. and Emerald St. where we found M. working the corner with two of her friends.  I personally have known M. and her family for about 10 years now. We gave them each information packages on where to get help with T.Horton $10.o0 gift cards and words of encouragement.  Last stop was Mission Services on Barton St. North where the remaining gift cards were given out.  Special Thanks to Jesse!Leaving off for now with LUKE16:10, till our next street engagement

“We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do”

Mission Statement

Engaged in the battle against ‘drug addiction’. This is about the human soul, strangers and families, those forgotten, those remembered.

We are a community of recovered addicts, an unofficial addiction thinktank, a community resource, and a support to those in recovery and those still using (especially those on the streets).

Our core tenements:

  1. Unconditional love.
  2. To raise awareness of ‘addiction’ and ‘drug’ realities.
  3. To work towards the creation of a functional, fair, and safe place for recovery geared toward all addicts including those with no family or other institutional or societal support.
  4. Street-level engagement and intervention.
  5. A steadfast commitment to liberation and empowerment.

If you wish to help in our mission, or if you are looking for help with addiction; contact robert@addictnomore.ca