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Sept 12, 2015. A Helpful Reading List on ‘Addiction’.

Doing a lot of reading always on ‘Addiction’ and I thought it would be an idea to add a blog with a list of books I have found to be very helpful in understanding drugs and drug use. These books come from different angles including sociology, psychology, anthropology, testimonial, spiritual, and from social worker texts. Hope you find some of these readings helpful on your journey. I will try to log in every so often and keep adding to the list (they are in no particular order ( and of course the last one on the list is my own) ).

ADDICTION TRAJECTORIES by Eugene Raikhel and William Garriott, editors, 2013, Duke University Press

CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES ON ADDICTION Edited by Julie Netherland, 2012, Emerald Press

ADDICTIONS FROM AN ATTACHMENT PERSPECTIVE Edited by Richard Gill, 2014, Karnac Press

ADDICTION TREATMENT, A STRENGTHS PERSPECTIVE, Katherine van Wormer, Diane Rae Davis, 2008, Thomas/Brooks/Cole.

DEVIANCE AND MEDICALIZATION, FROM BADNESS TO SICKNESS, by Peter Conrad and Joseph W Schneider, 1992, Temple University Press.

ADDICTION AS AN ATTACHMENT DISORDER, by Philip J. Flores, 2004, Jason Aronson Press.

GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY WITH ADDICTED POPULATIONS 3rd Edition, by Philip J. Flores. 2007, Routledge.

RESPONDING TO THE OPPRESSION OF ADDICTION, 2nd Edition, Edited by Rick Csiernik and William Rowe, 2010, Canadian Scholar’s Press.

THE STEPS OF HUMILITY AND PRIDE, by Bearnard of Clairvaux, 1973, Cistercian Publications.

WHEN GOD CALLED ON MY CELLPHONE. by Robert Vincent Piro, 2011, Xlibris.

Happy reading, knowledge is power as they say, spread the word, and keep the faith!