Those who need to be seen, heard, spoken to, and LOVED! Street level outreach. St. Catharines On. November 15, 2015



A great day today doing outreach on the streets of St. Catharines. With the sun shining many were out and about, especially those who need to be seen, heard, spoken to, and loved. Yes, I am talking about those using hard drugs on the streets. Particular those who are selling themselves for their addictions and, or putting themselves last with their drug use.  I was able, with my friendly doggie helper, to find many working girls out today in St. Catharines. We were able to talk for some time and exchange cares and concerns.  It was fantastic to connect with two women in particular who helped me out a bit with where to go with my outreach. I hope and pray you both find safety and freedom from drugs and oppression at your journey’s end.  It is a very hard life journey  to be in the thralls of drug addiction, especially when exacerbated by societal oppression represented in our laws and ways – that is  systematic gender, racial and class oppressive bias and discrimination  that is too real today. I leave you off with the words from ROMANS 8:24,25,27. “For in hope we were saved. Now hope that sees for itself is not hope. For who hopes for what one see? But if we hope for what we do not sees, we wait with endurance…And the one who searches hearts knows what is the intention of the Sprit…”

There are no easy answers. But we need to find those little things in life that are sure signs and promise of great things that can come. Speaking of, it was so great to run into some familiar, youthful, and friendly faces towards the end the walk today. To that young bunch of youths who got the last of the  Timie gift cards today, stay strong young lads, be good to yourselves,



3 Comments to Those who need to be seen, heard, spoken to, and LOVED! Street level outreach. St. Catharines On. November 15, 2015

  1. hart says:

    Great share! i’m touched!

  2. Trish O'Connor says:


    I just left a message on fb. Hoping someone will reply. Also heard to pray for you and your group. I live in Welland and would like to demonstrate something that I think anyone in the group might like to know more about.
    Amy Carmichael on fb, Trish O’Connor

    • robertpiro says:

      Hi Trish,
      We shut down our facebook account however the fb corporation is still keeping our page up (despite our request to remove it). We welcome your emails at and or you can find us on Twitter @Addict_No_More . Thanks for reaching out to us – I know you commented a long time ago. It just occurred to me to reply to your comment in case you had looked for a response on fb.

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