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About noon on Wednesday April 30, Hamilton, On, Canada.


We were out today about mid-day in City of Hamilton with information kits and some Tim Horten gift cards – we were talking to addicts on Barton Street also King Street.  I saw Gary B. on his bike riding around but could not catch up to him- I hope he is praying as he told me he was.  Managed to reach out to about five addicts on the street in a short time.  Was taken back a bit today at the amount of drug activity going on in the city especially considering it was only about noon.  Interrupted one phone call to a dealer with some info pamphlets – at least they will know who to call next time, or when those drugs are done.  Also stumbled upon a domestic fight that had spilt out on to the street. Lots of dealers walking around! Cops do not seem to be helping, we can see you coming a mile away and making addicts hide from plain site only makes outreach harder. Forcing drug realities under ground doesn’t help the people involved, doesn’t help the communities, nor does it make Hamilton any safer.  “As the saying goes, before long the dense forest will become farmland, and the farmland will go back to forest. When that day comes, the deaf will be able to hear a book being read aloud, and the blind, who have been living in darkness, will open there eyes and see….It will be the end of those who oppress others and show contempt for God…”ISAIAH29:17-21

If you are in Hamilton on drugs and or on the streets and on drugs and you want to stop!


At this moment if you want to stop using drugs you need to make this happen for yourself. No one is going to make the first change for you. The first steps to take are the hardest but most clear.

1 _ Seek detox 431 Whitney (905 545 9100) if you are female, 525 Main St (905 527-9264) if you are male.

2_ If detoxes are full or too far from you , seek shelter at Martha’s House 30 Pearl St. (905 523 6277) if you are female, at Mission Services  on James St at corner of Barton 905 528 7535 if you are male.

3_ If you can not get to detox, or a shelter for help  just call the numbers listed above..

4_If any of this seems to difficult but you want to stop the madness and abuse in your life just walk yourself to the nearest Hospital Emergency and tell them you need help with drugs that this is matter of life and death.

A journey into sobriety is the most challenging and rewarding decision someone could ever make for themselves. It is not easy, but many have already successfully left drugs and all that crap behind them…. we are addictnomore …

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