Mission Statement

Engaged in the battle against ‘drug addiction’. This is about the human soul, strangers and families, those forgotten, those remembered.

We are a community of recovered addicts, an unofficial addiction thinktank, a community resource, and a support to those in recovery and those still using (especially those on the streets).

Our core tenements:

  1. Unconditional love.
  2. To raise awareness of ‘addiction’ and ‘drug’ realities.
  3. To work towards the creation of a functional, fair, and safe place for recovery geared toward all addicts including those with no family or other institutional or societal support.
  4. Street-level engagement and intervention.
  5. A steadfast commitment to liberation and empowerment.

If you wish to help in our mission, or if you are looking for help with addiction; contact robert@addictnomore.ca

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